19.07  Saint Climent de Llobregat

The goal of this project was to shift - or even reverse - the way this area is perceived in terms of its productivity. Not through the amplification of the existing manufacturing and commercial activities, nor through the addition of houses and equipment, but through the presence of a new linear park. This park would be grafted with the same intensity of a large infrastructure, thus reactivating those possible physical transformations which are compatible with the new program requirements and the pre-existing natural system. By doing so, it creates new ways of living and experiencing those spaces, which were previously underused or simply neglected. The park is a fundamental part of the program, is the catalyst for all new activities and the heart of a new idea of productivity, which aims to promote the psychophysical wellbeing of its users by allowing them to experience new collective cultural activities through the renovation of the concept of life in domestic spaces. The new green space is therefore amplified to become the backbone of these villages, which incorporates potential open and public spaces and serves to “regulate” the residential and tertiary urban growth among the consolidated nucleuses. This way, the park gains a different vocation, which welcomes new homes and activities that respond directly to the needs of specific contexts. In order to achieve that, a repeatable strategy is proposed, one that can link all the inhabited centers of the metropolitan area of Barcelona through green infrastructures.

Location: Saint Climent de Llobregat, Spain
Year: 2019
Status: Europan 15 - open competition
With: Arcipelago


View from the backyard