15.09  Corviale

The residential complex of Corviale is a unique urban infrastructure regulated by clear architectural composition rules – geometrical, morphological and functional. A machine for living in that induces and orients the unfolding of life.
Starting from the physical condition of the existing we tried to oppose the concept of “stratification” to the concept of “regeneration”. Corviale has been abstracted from its most intimate dimensions to deduce physical rules necessary to the individuation of those spaces able to host new constructions and functions. Methodologically we tried to create a contradiction between the formal and the informal: through the typical tools of the architecture it has been defined a physical fabric able to host the flow of life over time. The experimental scenario faced in the project has been the basement – the threshold between the surrounding urban sphere and the domestic sphere, the spatial device that combines them and by which it is possible to speak of "architecture as a city" (Florian Beigel).

Location: Rome, Italy
Year: 2015
Status: Open competition - shortlisted project

With: Andrea Del Prete, Giuliano Poli, Domenico Liguori
Collaborators: Monica Erra, Domenico Esposito, Francesco Peirce, Jessica Silente